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"A good listener tries to understand what the other person is saying. In the end he may disagree sharply, but because he disagrees, he wants to know exactly what it is he is disagreeing with."
- Kenneth A. Wells

"I do not want the peace that passeth understanding. I want the understanding which bringeth peace."
- Helen Keller

Monday, November 17, 2008

life at home... with the nutjobs

I have some miscellany to post, bear with me people. Oh... and yeah, I'm still home but the Chicklet has returned to school. Yay!

I know barfing sucks donkey arse... but seriously? Why my monster beagle Sharkdog felt the need to keep on walking as she barfed, leaving a slimy yellow trail as she went (like snail cooties), is beyond me. It was as if she trying to get away from the unpleasantness as it occurred. I ? Was not amused.

She's okay BTW, see?

Yeah and um, that snort you heard? Totally not me.

Oh, I have a question. Is there any one else out there like me? You see, I can't have fruit in the fruit bowl that still has a sticker on it. It bothers me and I don't know why. Apart from the apples, I take the skin of everything so really it shouldn't matter... but it does. Compulsive much?

Also, does anyone else dread the day when it's time to change the oil in the deep fryer? Do you have a coping mechanism? Or do you just move?

And why is it that even though I leave to go grocery shopping with a list and remember to bring our enviro-friendly bags I always end up buying exactly enough stuff to fill all the bags. Always. I bring 3 bags, that's all I fill. If I happen to bring in the 7 bags that are in the trunk of the car (like on Sunday) I manage to fill them all. I could have sworn that list I had needed 5 bags, MAX! We have 8 bags in total... why? Because I buy more when I forget them (yes, Brian... I too forget them), it's guilt. I should just leave them in the trunk all the time so I won't have to buy more. Unless they come up with winter ones, what?! On the plus side, I may not have to leave the house for a month. (7 bags of groceries... oy!)

Speaking of enviro-friendly... I'm afraid my Chicklet and I may be responsible for wiping out a small portion of the rain forest. For those of you that own stock in the tissue manufacturing companies... you're welcome. Now how about sending some of your windfall earnings our way. Chicklet wants a Wii. And no, the tissues didn't fill any of the enviro-friendly bags. Also, do NOT sick Al Gore on us. I don't have room in the freezer (I repeat, 7 bags full people!!!).

I have to send Captain Dumbass (go ahead, click on his name... only when you're done here though) a toque (pronounced took-eh!) or he'll freeze his brains.

I'm going to riffle through a box here, and even shop for it because if I have to knit it, he'll never get one.

I've also been wondering, why do birds suddenly appear... wait, why are the Carpenters on my iPod?

So Captain Dumbass, if you're game I'll totally send you a toque, just send me your snail mail.

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Jeff B said...

You know of course they say that humans and their pets tend to resemble each other. hehehe

and those yellow things in the fruit bowl can not possibly be bananas. I know for a fact that they are supposed to be covered with brownish-black spots all over them.

The Carpenters? Well it could be worse. ♫"The hills are alive with the sound of music....."♫ Yes, much, much worse!

Leighann said...

I don't have to worry about picking stickers off the fruit, my kids do that for me. They then proceed to stick them all over each other and eventually I'll pick them out of the carpet. *sigh* Effing fruit stickers!

Oh...and changing the grease in the deep fryer is easy peasy! The husband does it! *snort*

Akelamalu said...

I don't like stickers on my fruit either.

As for the oil in the fryer - I don't have a fryer I use my wok for deep frying and once the oil has cooled I put it back in the bottle, then when it needs changing I just throw the bottle away!

Anndi said...

Jeff: Ha! So you have a monkey? You must will all those bananas lying around!
Or Day-o (aka the banana Boat song).

Leighann: I've often wondered whose job it was to stick those damn stickers. Chicklet sticks them on the dogs... Dumdum was walking around with a sticker that said Chiquita for a couple of days. He's never been the same since.
Hubby eh? I'll have to get me one of those ;)

Akelamalu: I feel better knowing I'm not alone.
Knowing me? I'd make a mess pouring it back in. Plus, I'm afraid of grease fires so a fryer makes me feel safer.

blissfullycaffeinated said...

We got so grossed out by our deep fryer a few years ago that we threw it away and never bought another one. We miss that Fry Daddy sometimes. But the oil is disgusting.

Great song!

Jay said...

If I had a deep fryer I would deep fry every single meal. Probably a bad idea.

Sharkdog looks pretty spunky there.

Dana said...

For the record? My reusable shopping bags are in the trunk - ALWAYS - yet I sometimes have to go back out and get them after filling my grocery cart!

Karen said...

My fruit does not come with stickers...but I normally only buy at the farmer's market or at the farm. I have only one reusable bag. I am bad, bad person.

Anndi said...

Blissful: I like the fryer too much. Guess I'll have to suck it up and clean it.
Glad you liked it!

Jay: I hear ya! I tried fried pickles in Bama and have been tempted to try and make some.
Sharkdog definitely is!

Dana: After I'm done putting the groceries away sometimes I forget and they hang on the doorknob of the back door... which I don't use.

Karen: I shop at the farm during the summer months but there are some fruits I can't get there... like bananas. I have too many, want a couple?

Meribah said...

Awww, your puppy is almost as silly as me! LOL
Stickers on fruit? Nah, they don't bother me. I just look away! LOL
And, yup, sometimes I forget to bring my enviro-bags too. **Sighs** Me thinks the bags should come with some kind of computer chip that's so advanced it can read your mind and yell at you as you head out the door: "Hey, dingus! You forgot me!" :P

Travis said...

I knew you were a Carpenters fan.

And with us, it's exactly enough to fill the 4 enviro-friendly bags we have.


Oh...sorry...it's just that time of year.

Anndi said...

Meribah: She's a goof alright. Stickers on fruit is almost as bad as food with eyes, almost.
Dingus, eh?

Travis: Am not.

Do you always bring them?

um... yay?

fairyflutters said...

You are not alone w/ the fruit stickers. I hate those damn things! I wash all my apples or whatever and de-sticker them so in case the kids grab one, they are already clean. :)

Anndi said...

Fairyflutters: You do understand this also applies to fruit with unedible skins like tangelos and bananas as well. But I am glad I'm not alone. Thanks.

Ron said...



The stickers on fruit make me go INSANE...do hear me?


Especially apples.

And you should see me when I can't get them off, because half the sticker stays STUCK and I end up DIGGING a hole in the apple!

oooh...and don't you LOVE how the sticker stays stuck to your finger...and also the side of the trash can?

That's another thing that makes me insane...

...I can't stand anything sticky ( like jelly or honey) on my hands!

Yes my dear...OCD Libra twins we are.


steenky bee said...

Fryers? They are definitely a necessary evil. We threw ours out months ago and then recently almost burned our house down when hubby made a make-shift fryer for an improptu fish fry. Also, I don't dare watch that video of your dog. Is he getting sick while walking? Please tell me no. I just can't bear to see that. If you only knew how much cat sick I cleaned this weekend....how did I go from deep-fried deliciousness to cat sick in one paragraph? What's wrong with me?

Matt-Man said...

Changing the oil...THAT is exactly why I no longer have a deep fryer. Cheers Anndi!!

Anndi said...

Ron: Stickers on the counter, my fingers, the trashcan, the floor (THE WORST!).... ACK!!!
And sometimes they leave a sticky residue.
Yes, I have issues with stickers.

Steenky: Makeshift fryers is something I don't do precisely because of fires (it's a professional deformity).
You can watch, it's quite entertaining and nope, she didn't get "sick" during the taping. I assure you no animal was harmed n the making of this video as this blog is NOT tested on animals.
There's nothing wrong you with you, you just have a fast-moving brain...

Matty: But frying is good... you have to admit it.

C said...

I hate to change the deep fryer. I would rather throw it out and buy a whole new one! I try to barter sex to get my hubby to do it, but it just doesn't always work ;) Glad I found you blog via fairyflutters!

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Bartering sex to change the oil--now that's an idea!

Kate said...

Um, I don't have a fruit bowl
so no need to pull stickers from fruit. And when I do eat fruit with a sticker - I get all ape shit and put said sticker in odd places - like someone's forehead.

I also, do not have a deep fryer..
so I couldn't say how I'd be about cleaning out the grease, but chances are it wouldn't bother me.
Because I'd be all "let's put a pile of dawn dish soap in this sucker and see what it can do to that grease!"

Yeah, that's how exciting my life is.

Kate said...

What you said in reference to me having panic attacks and taking medication helped SO much! and made so much sense!

thank you!!

Desert Songbird said...

Your mutt is totally psycho. Then again, maybe I can see from where it comes, fruit sticker lady...*wink*

Lu' said...

The pooch video rocks big :)

TopChamp said...

I meant to tell you this before but forgot. I work (in the office job) with a guy who has a phobia of fruit labels. He can't peel them off or eat fruit with them on. I once ate an apple with the label on the other side and he thought he might throw up. I think that's weird!