Walking away is not an option... dialogue must prevail.

"A good listener tries to understand what the other person is saying. In the end he may disagree sharply, but because he disagrees, he wants to know exactly what it is he is disagreeing with."
- Kenneth A. Wells

"I do not want the peace that passeth understanding. I want the understanding which bringeth peace."
- Helen Keller

Monday, October 12, 2009

ripples... accidental thoughts of thanks

A holiday... and I wasn't feeling it. My daughter, The Chicklet, isn't with me. Dad is gone. Mah Honey is traveling for work. Oh, and I woke up at an unmentionable hour (it's not like I had a turkey to stuff in the oven) unable to get back to sleep. Ugh.

Life hasn't been particularly cheery this year, but I would hate myself if I didn't look for something good.

I got awesome snuggles from Sharkdog (there's magic in kissing a beagle belly), there's French Vanilla coffee in my cup, and I have bacon. I get to spend some time snuggled warmly on the couch with a blanket while I read Pride and Prejudice, again. The little things matter.

I have this picture in my kitchen... a sweet smiling face of a girl that Chicklet and I sponsor. She loves to sing and read. She's far away, in Senegal, but knows that someone cares across the ocean...

That's what matters... to help as much as you can, to care for someone you've never met, to want their well being... to hope they live in Peace.

I feel sorry for people who can't wrap their brains around the thought that they can, through small gestures, start a ripple that in the end, might seem like a righteous surfer's wave.

Through the Blogblast for Peace, we can do that. We can reach out to people all over the world, we can live as one people...

Join the Blogblast for Peace on November 5th... here in the Bloggosphere, on Facebook, Tweet for Peace even. I promise I'll be thankful if you do *smile*.

November 5, 2009

The Peace Globe Gallery


Jay said...

Good job finding the positive. I'm not very good at that. In fact, I suck at it. LOL ;-)

Charles Gramlich said...

The year was pretty good for me until October. This month has been kind of rough.

Captain Dumbass said...

You've got coffee and bacon, that's a pretty good start.

Bond said...

Spreading the word is half the battle...

We can make this year the best ever!

Akelamalu said...

You're doing a great job spreading the Peace Anndi. Coffee and bacon and snuggled up on the sofa sounds pretty good to me. :)

Anndi said...

Jay, I'm also thankful for your viking helmet.

Charles, soon better days will come.

Capt, indeed! Happy Thanksgiving!

Bond, yes we can.

Akelamalu, thanks! Anything for Mimi.

Finding Pam said...

I liked your article on the ripple effect. When we care more about the needs of others before ourselves, maybe then we will make a difference.

Thank you for offering to help me with my peace globe, but another fine blogger has emailed me to offer help. I have already sent him my information.

I sincerely appreciate your offer.
I will be back to read more later.


Ron said...

Bless you Anndi!

Mariama is BEAUTIFUL!

And you are SO right, my friend. It's the small gestures that make the biggest waves.

Thank you for always spreading Peace 365 days out of the year!

X ya!

Travis said...

Mmmmm...coffee and bacon.

And Peace ripples!