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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Because it's too awesome not to share

I like to piggyback review SYTYCD and DWTS over at my bro, Travis' awesome blog. Dance geeks like myself can't help it. I don't review them here because, well... I prefer being the colour commentary rather than the actual reviewer and he rocks at it, so...

But we, in Canada, have reached our Top 10 on SYTYCD. I have a weakness for ballroom and tap, I do. And this season, Vincent Desjardins, an absolutely marvelous and charming ballroom dancer is competing for the title of Canada's favourite dancer. We also have the absolutely adorable Everett Smith, a take no prisoners, multi-talented tapper. SQUEEEE!!!

This week, we were treated to two grin enducing routines...

This Paso Doble (choreographed by two of last season's competitors Francis Lafrenière and Natalli Reznick) was hot, quick paced, passionate, made use of the entire stage and showcased both dancers wonderfully. Melanie and Vincent truly embraced the routine and delivered the goods. When you're coupled with a dancer with Vincent's partnering skills, it's easier to trust and fling yourself. He's there at every crucial moment, ready and waiting. He knows that his best strategy is to give the best of himself and still make his partner look good. Class act.

And then, a jazz fusion number crafted by Sean Cheesman that defies description. Everett and Kim blew me away. They committed to the characters and turned in a most memorable performance! Woooooo for the tapper and the hip-hopper... The partnering work was exquisite. These two dancers show us how professional they are, week after week.

Interestingly enough, both routines were choreographed to music by The White Stripes, and I like it. It's wonderful when choreographers use music so well.

Last week, tap dancing was featured for what is believed to be the first time on a SYTYCD stage in a musical theater. I still squeal every time I watch it. Sean Cheesman rocks my world with his choreographies. Tara Jean is a firecracker and Everett is a gem and a gentleman. My favourite moment of the season:

Ok, so with those three routines, I've shown you my top 5 dancers.

Yup... we know we can dance!


Starrlight said...

Best thing about both of these shows is that it has reignited an interest in dance as an art form deserving of an audience.

Desert Songbird said...

I'll come back and read and watch later, but I had to come by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY/BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE for Saturday in case I get too busy later today.

Mwah! Have a fabulous time with your honey!

Bond said...

I wanna see these..but IT idjits blocking today - yesterday, no blocking...why did you not post this yesterday!!!???

hell...I will be back over the weekend when you will be dancing on air with your honey and the Chicklet...


Travis said...

Excellent dancing!

Dianne said...

I have never once watched SYTYCD
but I love DWTS

and Travis does great recaps

but I really came over to say
Happy Birthday Kiddo!!

Akelamalu said...


Anndi said...

Starr, dancing is a gift from the Gods and we all must worship it ;)

Songbird, a fabulous time was had indeed :) Thank you!

Bond, *checks date* I did post it yesterday.

Travis, I KNOW!!! SQUEEEE!!!!

Dianne, thanks Mama :)

Akelamalu, It was wonderful :)