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- Kenneth A. Wells

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- Helen Keller

Friday, September 12, 2008

Showing you... my woobie

We're on day 6 of the Show Me photography Challenge hosted by Robert from "Thoughts of a Father". Now, for today's challenge, Robert wants to see what relaxes us.

I'm a mom trying to raise her my daughter up to be a strong, confident and fulfilled woman. She's a joy to be around, my Chicklet. But she has an astounding amount of energy and sometimes keeping up with her is draining. She's the Energizer bunny on Espresso!

So, I do like so many mommies do... I escape to the bathroom for some "me time". Of course, as a mom, the only me time I can manage, even in the bathroom is when Chicklet's sleeping. For some reason, once we give birth, we stop having the right to go to the bathroom by ourselves!

I don't take the time to do this nearly enough. Even relaxing requires too much energy sometimes. But I do enjoy a long hot bubble bath. I turn the bathroom light off and light a scented candle. Do I light a lavender scented candle? Vanilla perhaps? Or is it lily of the valley? Nope. In true mommy fashion, I light a clean linen scented candle so I can trick myself into thinking I've done the good mommy thing and washed the sheets and taken care of drying them in the sun ... on a clothesline that appears in the middle of a beautiful field laden with pastel coloured wildflowers. Because really, nothing says relaxation like the satisfaction of my Domestic Goddess duties fulfilled.

After that hot bath, I step over Dum-Dum, who insists on laying on the floor in front of the bathroom door and head into my bedroom where I've got a nice glass of wine waiting and I light another scented candle (well, of course it's clean linen... I'm about to crash into bed!).

I crawl into bed. And try to clear my head. Sometimes it's by catching up with the folks in the bloggosphere, sometimes it's by reading a good book. Of course last night, watching "So You Think You Can Dance - Canada!" (woooooooooooooooo! Travis did you watch? It's going to be HOT HOT HOT! Toronto set quite the tone!) was exciting and not quite conducive to chilling, but otherwise, after a chat with Honey I settle in early. Gosh, I'm boring!

Bloggosphere, meet Lynyrd. Lynyrd, stop eating bananas in bed!

Lynyrd was a gift from my Honey when we went to the Pittsburgh zoo on our first weekend together. He gets a lot of hugs. When I'm not "home" in my Honey arms, I sleep with my "woobie". Honey and I and looking forward to retiring Lynyrd's snuggle activities and consolidating our two families into one.

I apologize for not visiting many of you yesterday, between work, shopping for clothes for Chicklet (she grows too fast), getting dinner and homework done, settling in to watch "So You Think You Can Dance - Canada!" and relaxing... I was wiped out! I'll catch up tonight, I promise.

Don't forget to visit Robert and the other fine participants as they share their pictures and stories. And remember.. relax! It's Friday!


Dr.John said...

I love how you relax. Great pictures. I never thought of adding a scented candle to the bath. Thanks.

Donnnnn said...

For a minute there I thought you said Wookie!? I wondered if Honey put on a Chewbacca costume for a little role playing...I was hoping to see your hair rolled up in those gigantic Princess Leia buns

hey, whatever floats yer boat.

Anonymous said...

OOOOh that does look relaxing...mm

June said...

Definitely a good way to relax!

Robin said...

Having to shovel out all the bath toys first takes the fun out of it for me, but I used to like taking long hot bubble baths.

Carletta said...

Tiny bubbles AND the wine - oh, that's relaxing!

Charles Gramlich said...

I've got rubber duckies for my bath. Lana bought them for me.

Gattina said...

That looks like a wonderful relaxing program !
When I am in the bath, there is always one cat keeping me company, so I am never alone either, lol !

Fortune Cookies said...

almost nothing better than a long hot bubble bath! and look at that woobie! how sweet is your sweetums?!

Brian o vretanos said...

It all looks relaxing. Apart from the monkey. I think I'd probably have a heart attack if I awoke from a nightmare and saw that face looking at me...

Bazza said...

that glass of wine keeps cropping up! I must go get one.

Raven said...

Nice bath, candles, a glass of wine and a woobie... sounds perfect.

Bond said...

Having that special person to snuggle with is so much better...but having something of theirs when they are not around makes it semi-bearable

Anndi said...

Dr. John: It's amazing the power that scented candles have. I have one that reminds me of being in my favourite place in the world.

Donnnnn: You mean you were looking forward to the gold bikini HA!

Lesley: It really is. In fact, I may do it again tonight!

June: Works for me, yup!

Robin: I sed to keep the Chicklet's bath toys in a laundry basket in the tub, so when I wanted to take a bath, I could. But I totally understand what you're saying.

Carletta: It sure is.

Charles: That is way too adorable.

Gattina: I have a great picture of Chicklet when she was a toddler. She was standing in the bath, surrounded by bubbles and she decided that our cat Boris needed a bubble hat.
Cats, I've always found them relaxing. The warmth, the softness of their fur, and the purring.

Fortune cookies: A hot tub works wonders too! My sweetie is magic.

Brian: I cuddle that monkey and the poor thing ends up under me, a bit squished.

Bazza: Capital idea! Enjoy it and remember a toast to Robert for bringing so many cool people together.

Raven: The only thing better is when my Honey gives me a massage.

Bond: Especially if it smells like them.

Lu' said...

Lynyrd is a lucky monkey isn't he.

jenboglass said...

Lynyrd is a sweet monkey. (I never thought I'd write those words, ever.) Also words I thought I'd never write...Canada has their own So You Think You Can Dance? WTF? Please tell me it's awesome.

dianne - bunny trails said...

How wonderfully relaxing. I used to love baths - when I had a fab tub. Lynyrd is so cute. Maybe you can find him a sweet friend when he retires. :-)

Anndi said...

Lu: I'M lucky to have him.

Steenkybee: Lynyrd is a sweet pea (giggle).

This is the first season and in the words of Mary Murphy:

"I don't know what the heck is going on up here in Canada, but I like it!"

The first audition show was awesome!

dianne - BT: Maybe we can find him a girlfriend ;)

Travis said...

I'm not familiar with this concept of retiring woobies. I do like your relaxing techniques though, and I'm off to check out that dancing link.

Desert Songbird said...

You've got a great relaxing technique there. The best of all is your woobie. He's not at all freaky looking like a sock monkey. (Those seriously creep me out!)

Ron said...

OMG, Anndi...you KILL me...because you are SUCH A LIBRA!!!

I'm reading this posting and thinking, "Yea...Yea...that's ME!"

The bubble bath, the candles, the WINE!

Except I don't have a Lynyrd...I have a Teddy. And Teddy is BARE.
He's my Teddy BARE!


GREAT post, Anndi!

God you're funny!