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- Kenneth A. Wells

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- Helen Keller

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Showing you - my front door... again

If you've visited this blog in the last two days (if not, where's your tardy slip?) you're aware that Robert over at Thoughts of a Father is hosting a photography challenge all this week. He's asking us to show him something different everyday... so far, we've shared our mailboxes and some kitchen shots.

Today he wants to see our front door... (maybe he's a Master lock-pick... and he's doing research! Hmmmm...)

I wondered what I was going to do with this one since my mailbox/slot/deposit thingy is actually a part of my front door. So, what else is there to show you?

Come on closer, you don't have to hide in the bushes... No seriously, stop that! It's freaking me out! Besides, you'll smoosh the vegetation.

Something else about my front door... I keep doing this all the time. I open the door, dogs are jumping up and down in glee and barking what I could swear is the chorus to "Who let the dogs out", and I rush to get the leashes on so my babies can go water the lawn. And my keys? They get left in the lock. I'm a ditz.

Luckily, since Shark-dog and Dum-Dum always go out for their pre-bedtime potty visit, my keys don't stay up there too long...

What's on the keychain? Well, let's see:
- a remote cardoor opening thingy,
- my car key,
- the key to the shed,
- a heartshaped keychain I got in Cleveland after a glorious weekend with my Honey,
- a keychain my Chicklet picked out for me when she and I took a girls only road trip to Niagara Falls back in 2005,
- a keychain from Alabama that has my Honey pet name for me,
- my house key (duh!) which opens both the front and side door.

That about covers it.

Don't forget to head on over to Robert's to see what his front door looks like and take a few minutes to visit with the other awesome participants in the Show Me Daily Challenge via Mr Linky!

Tomorrow... an object of sentimental value.


Jay said...

I like that view of your front door. Hiding in the bushes and spying on you is something I'm comfortable with. haha ;-)

Lu' said...

Very nice picture of the front door. Now might I suggest, when unlocking your front door you, unlock the door but don't open it. Put your keys in purse or pocket and then open the door grab leashes and let doggies water lawn. Creeps are everywhere. If your keys were spotted hanging in your front door they could be taken. Stay safe.

Anndi said...

Jay: So those are your very big (*wink*) shoeprints in front of the bushes...

Lu: LOL! Actually, I usually grab the keys after they come back in... I'm forever waiting for Chicklet to finish grabbing her schoolbag from the car and closing the door so I can lock it, and I click the locks after the babies have come back in. I do think I need a hook or a shelf to them inside the vestibule though (cause I always hunt for them in the morning). SMOOCH

June said...

Sounds typical...having hands full and leaving keys dangling and dogs rushing. Glad to hear Lu needn't be concerned...a hook by the door would be good though!

buffalodickdy said...

We lock our doors everyday.. every once in a while we find our keys dangling from the lock, just like you..

Dr.John said...

Finally a door. It may be behind bushes but it's a door. An entire door. Thank you.

Gattina said...

For that, cats are easier, they also water the garden and even dig holes before. So my keys are still in the keyhole, if I had a dog it would be the same as with you, lol !

Meg said...

I have a traditional Dutch Colonial--white. I painted the door a periwinkle blue and someone took a photo of it and it's now included in The Doors of Ottawa Hills poster.

It was made for a local fundraiser for this rich, white-bread community in which I reside.

I'm thinking of putting a peace sign on it.

jenboglass said...

I love that your keychain holds sentimental value to everything on it. I have a Swiss army knife. Useful, but less approachable.

Charles Gramlich said...

Ah, keys left in the door. the price of doing too many things at once.

Robin said...

I leave my keys in the lock all the time too. Luckily I've got good neighbors who keep noticing and returning them.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally left my keys in the door all night long once. I learned my lesson...

And yeah, I can tell you're a female just by looking at all them dang key chains.

I got my remote car door and 3 keys on mine.

Manly man there, I tell ya.

San said...

That's a lovely, inviting front door. It looks like nice people would live there. They do.

And the journey around your keychain is clever.

Carletta said...

Love both of these shots!
I so love reading your posts - today was no different.
Great angle on the first shot.

Brian o vretanos said...

With a door that needs the key to unlock it on the inside, it's more important to make sure the keys are reachable in an emergency.

During my married days my wife got locked in the house once because I went to work early and she woke up and couldn't find her keys. She was hosting a mothers and baby's morning, and had to pass cups of coffee through the window to the guests in the garden...

Kay said...

Oh man... keys in the door can be bad... locking oneself out can be worse though.

I love your key chain, so "you"!

Mine is the epitome of useful, super simple... not really like me at all, but sometimes you need something simple and easy to slip in your pocket.

Anndi said...

June: It seems I'm far more successful at getting in the house in an organized fashion when I'm the only one walking through the front door. You know, even if I did forget the keys, our dogs signal the alrm when a squirrel scampers on the property. No one has ever gotten to the front door without some advance warning from the babies.

Buff: It used to happen to my Mom too.

Dr. John: Finally? LOL Thanks for stopping by!

Gattina: Sometimes I miss my old cats. ;)

Meg: I like that idea LOL

Jen: I don't have enough keys to use all the darn keychains! I like daily reminders of the ones I love. Makes you think when you get in the car about what's waiting for you at home.

Charles: Indeed, there are limits to my multitasking abilities!

Robin: It's lovely to have such nice neighbors! Too few people know their neighbors nowadays. *sigh*

Slick: Nice that you managed to correct that. I'm afraid to ask what happened...
I like a little aesthetics to go with the useful.

San: It's a simple door, but it's always open for my friends. Thank you. It's always lovely when you stop in.

Carletta: Thank you my friend. I feel you're a kindred spirit. Knew it from the first visit.

Brian: That's exactly what I dislike about that sort of key. It's a cute story now, but what if there had been an emergency. Who has time to search for a key during a chocolate craving!

I probably would have called a locksmith on the spot.

Anndi said...

Kay: You squeeked in as I was answering everyone!
You know, that keychain really is me. I need therapy! LOL
I do tend to carry everyone I love with me all the time.

I have an simpler version in case I "misplace" this one (i.e. it gets lost at the bottom of a purse and buried under a lipstick a few receipts, the phone, a pair of socks, and a wrench) ;)

Bazza said...

Like you my door also featured on Monday, and to be honest I saved time by shooting the door as well on Monday! I've promised Robert I'll try harder tomorrow!

Akelamalu said...

OK, ok, I admit it I was lurking in the bushes but I did come closer to have a look at your keyring - neat!

Karen said...

I love the view through the bushes! And I could never fit that key chain in my pocket!

Bond said...

I know that view...ummm I mean...that is an interesting view...ummm I mean...hell nice front door... Where is my clay to make a dupe of those keys???

Anndi said...

Bazza: I was in a picture taking mood so luckily I was able to post a new picture. Thanks for stopping by.

Akelamalu: Glad you came closer.

Karen: I can't either, I always have part of it hanging out.

Bond: My neighborhood watch have posters of you in their homes and cars... They're watching you.......

Bond said...

I like to be watched....


Jeff B said...

There are only three keys on that monstrosity? Who needs a gym membership with that. You could do some serious weight training with that baby!

amynoroom said...

Very nice front door!!!

Travis said...


I'm not going to tell the story of what happened to someone I know through a couple degrees of separation. Suffice to say, please try not to leave the keys in the front door anymore.


Anndi said...

Bond: Yes... we've all seen the 23 minute Lasagna video.

Jeff: I should sell my plan on the internet and on late-night TV...

Amy: Yours is beautiful too my friend. *hugs*

Travis: You know I love you and I can't imagine what horrible situation you're referring to... but I need you to breathe.

Very bad things can happen in many contexts...

There's a screen door in front of the front door that I always lock. So even if my keys are in the door, there's an obstacle to it... and I know for a fact that Tobey would not take kindly to a stranger just walking in and he's a big dog with VERY big teeth.


But thank you for caring so much.

lynn said...

That's just like me...I have more key chains than keys!
Love the peeking through the bushes shot!

Robert said...

This was GREAT. Very inviting front door and I loved reading this. I'm so glad you're playing along. Hope we didn't freak you out lurking in the vegetation too much. :)

Ron said...

oooh...I really like both these shot, Anndi!

The angle that you shot the front door (behind the bush) has a wonderful creepiness to it!

And the shot of the keys in the door, I can SOOOO indentify with, because I DO THE SAME THING!!! And sometimes the keys are left outside the door ALL NIGHT, until I go to work in the morning!

(Libra trait, maybe??)


Enjoyed these!!

Anndi said...

Lynn: Keychains are cool. Thanks for stopping by and not lurking in the bushes.. too long... LOL

Robert: I'm having way too much fun... is this actually legal? hehehe Thanks for letting me play along.

Ron: TWIN!

You were probably too busy having a conversation with yourself to remember the keys *wink*


dianne - bunny trails said...

LOL!! Robert doesn't have to be a lock picker. He just needs to wait until you take the dogs out. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing.

Desert Songbird said...

Damn! You weren't supposed to SEE ME hiding in the vegetation. Crap.

*skulking off*

Lu' said...

I have a place where they get tossed. A crystal dish with a rabbit carved in it.