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- Kenneth A. Wells

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- Helen Keller

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ruby Tuesday - carrying on the little things...

I've decided that I like photograph themed blog thingies!

On Tuesdays, The Teach hosts a fun photo concept... you can post any picture of your own, as long as it has some red to it. So here goes... my foray into the fabulous world of Ruby Tuesday!

When I was little, in the first years of grade school, I went through a period of time where I'd go home for lunch by bus. I would sit cross-legged at the coffee table in the living room (it's still pretty much in the same spot today) and Mom would bring me a hot bowl of soup and a sammich (usually a grilled-cheese sammich - YUM!). I'd enjoy my feast while watching cartoons - like The Flintstones!... Life was good!

As I got older, I ate lunch at school more and more. Mom had started working again and I liked the packed lunch thing. It was cool... I nver knew what surprise would be in there.

One thing about Mom was, there was often, (but not always because then it wouldn't be "special" anymore) a little note from her written on my napkin (Mom made sure I never had an excuse to wipe my face or hands on my clothing - wise woman).

I remembered that this morning as I packed Chicklet's lunch for Summer Day Camp.


You know, there's nothing like sticking red wax that smells like cheese on your nose to make you feel like a kid again.

While I'm remembering stuff...

I've always loved this song... takes me back. Reminds me that I have a lovely Valpolicella waiting for me. YUM!


Jim said...

Hey Anndi, is that the same red wax you posted about before? It gets some great mileage!
I was thinking Red, Red Wine before I pressed the button. I've always loved that song. Sorry my tonight's bottle is white or I'd share it with you.
Happy Tuesday, you'd like Scotland (and Ireland and Isle of Man--we missed Wales).

Travis said...

I think it can be successfully argued that there isn't a whole lot better than hot tomato soup, a grilled cheese sammich, and cartoons in the afternoon.

And I see absolutely nothing wrong with pulling up the front collar of my T-shirt and wiping my mouth on the inside.

Ralph said...

A gooey grilled cheese is ideal, enjoy 'em still at 53.

Our kids grandmother used to melt a slice of American cheese into our kids tomato soup.

Comfort food for lunch, what could be better?

Jay said...

I like bacon on my grilled cheese sammiches. Actually, bacon makes everything better. ;-)

Ron said...

Hey Anndi!

What a wonderful warm and fuzzy memory you share here!

God...it made me remember when my mother would make me a fabulous grilled-cheese sandwich with some Cambell's tomato soup, while I watched a TV show here in the States called, Dark Shadows.

(it was a daytime soap-opera show that had vampires in it)

Hey...and I love the whole idea about writing you a note on your napkin!! How sweet of her.

Your Ruby Tuesday photo is great!

And I love the smell of cheese. I'm actually a cheesaholic!

Charles Gramlich said...

You had me at grilled cheese.

BNS said...

Bonbel -- and it's smaller sibling Babybel -- probably is my favorite snack cheese. And thanks for reminding me that it's been quite a long time since I had some Valpolicella. Happy Ruby Tuesday.


ilanadavita said...

Didn't know you had those in Canada too.

Anndi said...

Jim: I posted about red wax? Maybe I had too much vino! Thanks for visiting!
Oh, Ireland is also on my list. I want to walk where my grandmother walked.

Travis: The perfect meal that is! I'M telling Mom you wiped your mouth on your shirt!
"MOMMMMMMMMMMY!! Travis did it again!!!" hehehe!
Hugs bro!

Ralph: The cheese in tomato soup.. oh YUM! Comfort food is the best! Thanks for visiting!

Jay: Want a bacon-scented car freshener? SMOOCH!

Ron: Dark Shadows! I never watched but heard of it. How COOL is a soap about VAMPIRES!!
Glad you liked the picture darlin'!
And of course you're a cheese-o-holic.. silly! We're long lost twins! HUGS

Charles: The way to a man's attention is through his stomach LOL!

Bobbie: My daughter and I love that cheese. Mild but yummy!
The Valpolicella was delish!
Thanks for visiting!

Ilanadavita: I don't know about the rest of Canada but they're "big" in Quebec. Thanks for visiting!

the teach said...

Anndi, RED wax that covers up delicious cheese! What a great note to your daughter. I assume she understands French? Ha! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Anndi said...

Teach: LOL yes she does! LOL I really like Ruby Tuesday, thanks for starting this.

Mimi Lenox said...

I love the stories you tell of your wonderful mother.

Anndi said...

Mimi - Thank you.