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- Kenneth A. Wells

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- Helen Keller

Saturday, July 19, 2008

bring him home

My heartfelt condolences are extended to the family, friends and comrades of Cpl James Hayward Arnal, an infanteer serving with the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group, who was killed by an improvised roadside bomb in Afghanistan on his second tour of duty shortly before midnight on Friday.
"Platoon mates from his previous rotation and his current fire team partner describe him as professional, dependable and utterly fearless under enemy fire." said Brigadier-General Denis Thompson at Kandahar airfield. Cpl Arnal is the 14th Canadian soldier killed in the Afghan mission this year.

This song is dedicated to the families of our fallen heroes... I thank you for your sacrifice... I mourn with you and share your sorrow.

The Fallen
Corporal James Hayward Arnal
Private Colin William Wilmot
Corporal Brendan Anthony Downey
Captain Jonathan (Jon) Sutherland Snyder
Captain Richard Steven Leary
Corporal Michael Starker
Private Terry John Street
Sergeant Jason Boyes
Bombardier Jérémie Ouellet
Trooper Michael Y. Hayakaze
Corporal Étienne Gonthier
Trooper Richard Renaud
Warrant Officer Hani Massouh
Corporal Éric Labbé
Gunner Jonathan Dion
Private Michel Jr. Lévesque
Corporal Nicolas R. Beauchamp
Corporal Nathan Hornburg
Major Raymond Mark Ruckpaul
Master Corporal Christian Duchesne
Master Warrant Officer Mario Mercier
Private Simon Longtin
Captain Jefferson Clifford Francis
Corporal Jordan Anderson
Captain Matthew Johnathan Dawe
Master Corporal Colin Stuart Francis Bason
Corporal Cole D. Bartsch
Private Lane William Thomas Watkins
Sergeant Christos Karigiannis
Corporal Stephen Frederick Bouzane
Private Joel Wiebe
Trooper Darryl Caswell
Master Corporal Darrell Jason Priede
Corporal Matthew McCully
Master Corporal Anthony Klumpenhouwer
Master Corporal Allan Stewart
Trooper Patrick James Pentland
Sergeant Donald Lucas
Corporal Brent Donald Poland
Corporal Christopher Paul Stannix
Corporal Aaron Edward Williams
Private David Robert Greenslade
Private Kevin Vincent Kennedy
Corporal Kevin Megeney
Chief Warrant Officer Robert Girouard, CD
Corporal Albert Storm, CD
Sergeant Darcy Scott Tedford, CD
Private Blake Neil Williamson
Trooper Mark Andrew Wilson
Sergeant Craig Paul Gillam, CD
Corporal Robert Thomas James Mitchell
Private Josh Klukie
Corporal Glen Arnold, CD
Private David Byers
Corporal Shane Keating
Corporal Keith Morley, CD
Private Mark Anthony Graham
Private William Jonathan James Cushley
Warrant Officer Frank Robert Mellish, CD
Warrant Officer Richard Francis Nolan, CD
Sergeant Shane Stachnik
Corporal David Braun
Corporal Andrew James Eykelenboom
Master Corporal Jeffrey Scott Walsh
Master Corporal Raymond Arndt
Private Kevin Dallaire
Sergeant Vaughan Ingram
Corporal Bryce Jeffrey Keller
Corporal Christopher Jonathan Reid, CD
Corporal Francisco Gomez, CD
Corporal Jason Patrick Warren
Corporal Anthony Joseph Boneca
Captain Nichola Kathleen Sarah Goddard, MSM
Corporal Matthew David James Dinning
Bombardier Myles Stanley John Mansell
Corporal Randy Payne
Lieutenant William Turner
Private Robert Costall
Master Corporal Timothy Wilson
Corporal Paul Davis
Mr. Glyn Berry (Director, Foreign Affairs Canada)
Private Braun Scott Woodfield
Corporal Jamie Brendan Murphy
Corporal Robbie Christopher Beerenfenger
Sergeant Robert Alan Short
Corporal Ainsworth Dyer
Private Richard Green
Sergeant Marc D. Léger
Private Nathan Smith

Your sacrifice will be remembered. Your dedication to your country will be honoured.

May you rest in Peace.

Lest we forget.


Travis said...

My sympathies to the families, and my deepest gratitude to the fallen.

Turnbaby said...

We had someone from Lexington killed in Iraq last week.

I am so sick to death of this senseless death.

buffalodickdy said...

I have been against the war in Iraq for quite awhile. Good young men dying for rich old mens' motives...

Angell said...

Wonderful song and tribute Ann. So many of our young men and women losing their lives....so tragic.

Anndi said...

Travis: I know it's appreciated.

Turnbaby: It upsets me too my friend. I choose to believe it's not senseless. I know they're accomplishing good things in Afghanistan, although I rather we not be there. *hugs*

Buff: I just pray the families find Peace and comfort.

Angell: I had never posted all their names and was saddened when I realized just how many there were. I have seen their faces and they are forever etched in my heart.
I wish I was closer to the Highway Of Heroes so I could welcome him home.

the teach said...

Anndi, we here in the U.S. often forget the sacrifices made by Canadian troops and their families. My heart goes out to you and all Canadians who are participating in this terrible sacrifice. My nephew served his time in Iraq as a Marine. He is out now thank goodness. We should bring them all home alive and well and end this war!

Anndi said...

The Teach: I salute your nephew and thank him for his service.

Lu' said...


Mimi Lenox said...

An utter waste.
Makes me ill to think about it.

Sending prayers...