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- Kenneth A. Wells

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- Helen Keller

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I *hic* can't...

I have the hiccups... It's driving *hic* me batty.

I've been looking for a cure to the hiccups as I've tried *hic* one trick I know that usually works for *hic* me but it failed - it NEVER fails! *sigh* *hic*

You fill a glass with water, you in*hic*sert a butter knife in the glass, handle in the water so the dull (but your mother always told you not to lick it) part sticks out of *hic*the water. Start drinking the water with the *hic* knife against your forehead (flat side against your forehead)....

It didn't work. *hic*

I'm still hiccupping and now I'm *hic* feeling the strain in my diaphragm.

I was going to try pickle juice *hic* but then I remembered that's the cure for a hangover... *hic* wait a minute!


If it doesn't stop my hiccups I *hic* won't notice! But what if I get the drunk hiccups over the *hic* regular ones? Would they cancel each other out? Am *hic* I willing to try and find out? What do *hic* you think?

Oh.. if you have a cure, please let me know. And *hic* leave me a couple of aspirin, would ya? Thanks! *hic*

Piglet: Pooh, you saved me. And you got rid of my hiccups!
Winnie the Pooh: Oh, so that's what was wrong. Why didn't you say so?
Piglet: I couldn't. I had the hiccups.
Winnie the Pooh: When was that?
Piglet: When I wasn't saying so.
Winnie the Pooh: Oh.


Charles Gramlich said...

I hate those. I've been lucky to never have them for long, but they sure can be painful.

Ron said...

Oh hell, Anndi...I HATE when this happens to me.

Listen, I read your description of how you drink the water, but there's another way that usually works for me.

Do this OVER the sink...

Fill the glass halfway, then drink from the OPPOSITE side of the glass (furthest from you). You'll almost me slurping it.

Supposedly this causes air to enter back into your stomach and stop the hiccups.

If this doesn't work...

Have someone SCARY you when you least expect it...and yell BOO!

Supposedly this scares the shit out of you....and ALSO the hiccups.


I hope it works for ya!

Jay said...


Did that work?? No?


Anonymous said...

lol... Usually we use the scare method.
I also try another method, I hold my breath for as long as possible and then slowly let it out and then breath in and out very slowly for the next minute or so and usually they are gone by then.
Hope you got rid of them quickly..
Lesley :-)

Travis said...

Ron's idea works. I've found it works best like this:

1. Fill a glass with water
2. Bend at the waist
3. Drink from the opposite end of the glass, at least 3 strong gulps

This actually compresses the air out of your stomach. It's the air that causes the hiccups in most cases. So you compress the air by bending, and you force it out by filling the area with water instead.

This method has never failed me.

Dana said...

I'm an oposite side of the glass gal as well, so if that didn't work I'm not sure what to tell you! Hope they've finally *hic* ... ARGH ... *hic* you gave them to me!! *hic*

Desert Songbird said...

My life has been a hiccup lately...

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I'd try to tell you what position and appartus to use to cure your hiccup but I have not a clue. I like the fet drunk idea...

Lu' said...

Hope you are feeling better. When I get the hiccups they are very loud. I don't try and mask them becaue it is uncomfortable. I just laugh ?

Dianne said...

I haven't had them in a long time but man they hurt!

The knife in water always worked for me. So did holding and then breathing.

Hope you get rid of them soon!!

Anndi said...

My hiccups left after a couple more tries of the knife trick... maybe my glass wasn't big enough and I needed more water? Thankfully I was able to get some sleep afterwards.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

Charles: They're miserable.

Ron: I had tried that one as a child but it never worked for me, maybe I did it wrong.
I looked at pictures of Donald Trump's hair and even THAT didn't scare the hiccups out of me!
Thanks for the suggestions my friend.

Jay: *giggle* were you wearing the Viking hat? *giggle*

Lesley: I heard doing some yoga breathing could help, that was my next thing to try. *hugs*

Travis: I didn't do the gulp thingy.. must be why it didn't work.
Thanks bro.

Dana: oops!

Songbird: I get that, yes I do *hugs*

Bud: Hi! Drowning the hiccups, maybe the alcohol would relax the daphragm... I may try it someday... combined with that opposite side of the glass thing.

Lu: Yeah, these were not the silent type either.

Dianne: They're exasperating! The knife finally worked but it took a while.

Gene Bach said...

I hate hiccups! They always come at a bad time.

Turnbaby said...

IN THE FUTURE---take a heaping spoon of regular granulated sugar and swallow it. Supposedly the concentration and tongue action let's you relax and ....oh my ;-)

buffalodickdy said...

Other bodily functions- yes. Hiccups, hardly ever.... I make fun of people with hiccups, by pretending to have them when talking to them...I'm a baaad man..

Mimi Lenox said...

My grandfather had the hiccups once for 3 days straight! I forgot now what stopped them but he had to go to the doctor.

This is what I do: Hold your breath for 30 seconds. Then drink a glass of water as fast as you can. It never fails to stop them.

Dana said...

Someone told me to take my two index fingers and try to get my fingernails as close to touching without actually touching as I can. Sometimes it works.