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"A good listener tries to understand what the other person is saying. In the end he may disagree sharply, but because he disagrees, he wants to know exactly what it is he is disagreeing with."
- Kenneth A. Wells

"I do not want the peace that passeth understanding. I want the understanding which bringeth peace."
- Helen Keller

Monday, February 2, 2009

thank goodness for typing...

First of all...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (thankfully, when I type this it doesn't hurt my throat)


You may wonder... (and if you don't HA! I'm still gonna tell you) why does a girl from Montreal root for THE STEELERS!!WORLD CHAMPIONS!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ?

I'm sorry. I can't seem to mention "you know who" without letting out a big WHOOP! *giggle*

So, why Anndi? Why did you root for THE STEELERS!!WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ? Well, I'm gonna tell yinz *giggle*. I know my buddy Gail knows... We had that discussion yesterday afternoon on the interwebz. She calls it: the LOYALTY CARD.

This IS a loyalty issue. Mah Honey, the dude that rocks my world, originates from the greater Pittsburgh area. My life changed in Pittsburgh a few years back when he walked into my life, all handsome-like and tall and blue-eyed and yummy. It's where we met. It's where he gave me the first kiss that ever curled my toes. No one has ever, in my whole life, managed that (and he still does *sigh*).

My friend Gail and I had fun online yesterday during the game. She picked the Arizona Cardinals cause she thinks their QB is cute... *giggle* I kid, she only discovered that after watching them a while *giggle*. She picked them because she wanted to root for a fairytale team, and that's a good enough reason for me. Besides, it made it fun and friendly.

The Cards played an awesome game. They believed in themselves, managed to capture the imagination of legions (including my friend Gail - she's so cute) and that's a great thing. They set a goal for themselves, not to beat the other team.. but to win and be the best they have ever been. It's semantics to some, but it's attitude to me. It's also how I choose to look at life.

The players have quite an inspiration in their QB Kurt Warner who won the NFL Walter Peyton Man of The Year award for his outstanding work off the field.
``When people look back at my career, I want them to see a fierce competitor. But more importantly, I want to be remembered for my consistency of character.'' - said Mr Warner

Indeed we will, sir. Young children can look to you as a role model not only for your skills as a football player but also your graciousness and character. Refreshing, really.

My friend's pick got me thinking though... about the whole underdog/fairytale team phenomenon. It's quite fascinating.

Do we do it because of all the stories we've heard as a child? Is it because we don't identify with the successful top seed? We see ourselves as "the little guy" and if they can make it, maybe we have a shot at that coveted *insert dream here*?

I still remember watching and cheering for Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards during the '88 Calgary Olympics. Many people thought his presence at the Olympics belittled the caliber of the other athletes and it actually led to a change in the rules. But I found it refreshing. The dude LOVED skying and just wanted to "do his best" and break his country's record (which he did). And although I am not British and he didn't represent my country, there was something endearing about him. He WAS the little engine that.. well, that tried. I watched him and thought: "it's not just about the medal".

We are all faced with our own personal struggles, not all of them are life and death struggles... but they are important to us and I expect when an "underdog" a "Cinderella" wins, it gives us hope.

What better reason to root for someone? Well, except kisses that curl your toes *wink*.

Oh and Bruce Springsteen ROCKED!

The commercials? WE don't get them live here in Canada (CRTC... a POX ON YOU!)

But, these stuck for very personal reasons...

Emigrating horses...

Horses in love... awwwwwww!

Being on the ass side of a job... THAT made me laugh.

I've been on the ass side of a few things lately. And not in the good way. But I'm changing that, little by little. One ass at a time.

DISCLAIMER: I don't moderate comments as a rule, but any trash talking of EITHER team will cause your comment to be deleted and you will be banned from further comments. PERMANENTLY. Win gracefully, lose graciously... do your favs proud.


Irish Gumbo said...

I thought it was actually a good matchup, and maybe the most exciting Super Bowl in years. I used to be a Redskins fan, but I realized that the "other" football was my the sport in my heart.*

Still, it was a decent game, and it is cool to think it could be about doing your best, and not just crushing the other guy. Congrats to the both teams!

Hi, Anndi!

*the Ravens are my default team, when I do follow NFL. But soccer is my game and the team that is the rose in my heart? Arsenal (The Gunners), in the English Premier League. Oi, Up the the Gooners!

Anndi said...

IG, I think everything in life is about doing your best... and it's that much sweeter when your best is better than all the rest.
It was an amazing game!
I can't say I watch football (the proper kind) but I admire them as athletes.

You do your "default" team proud.

Hi pal! LOL

Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, that's a more thorough report than the networks did. It was a very fine game. I enjoyed it. Pittsburg is certainly one of my favorite teams, in the top five in the NFL, because they are consistently winners.

Dr.John said...

We cheered for the Cardinals. But then every team we cheered for in the play offs lost . We are just poor cheerers.

Sueann said...

WOOOOOOOOOO! STEELERS!!!! I am a home-grown Pittsburgh gal. I am from a "football" family....and proud of it! The STEELERS have always been my favorite team...even though I lived in Texas for many years (longer than in Pa.)....and I'm sure y'all of heard of the COWBOYS...LOL! Thanks Anndi for sharing my joy with me yesterday! My Sister!!!!

Anndi said...

Charles, I don't know about that but I picked my highlights :) Thanks!
They are a solid team, yes they are!

Dr. John, I think it's lovely when people don't get discouraged and get involved at every game. I'm sure you cheered very well!

Sueann, I loved sharing that joy with you my sistah-friend! SMOOCH!

Jay said...

That was probably the best Super Bowl I've seen. At least it was the best fourth quarter of any Super Bowl I've ever seen.

Lots of big-time players making big-time plays under pressure. I'm glad the game was won on a great play and not a huge mistake.

Travis said...

It was indeed a great 4th quarter. I was pleased that Larry Fitzgerald was able to have a great SB moment for his video collection. He's a tremendous player.

And the Boss was definitely boss!

Kay said...

Football/ Blech, it is all about hockey :P

But I loved those ads, thanks for them :)

And yes, I need a new job... that poor guy could be my cube mate.

Desert Songbird said...

It is a sad, heavy-heart day here in Arizona. It was as if we had a scrumptious meal, and at the end, we were handed an Oreo cookie for dessert and then handed the bill...for the entire restaurant.

*heavy, sad sigh*

It was a thrilling game, I'll admit.

Anndi said...

Jay, I was going crazy with all the twists and turns.. but then you know that as a Facebook buddy LOL
That was indeed an outstanding play and I'll forget that 100 yard return WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Travis, he was an outstanding U of Pitt player... guess some of that Pittsburgh football rubbed off on him ;)
Da Boss!

Kay, HOCKEY RULES!!! But this game? Was amazing!
I WAS the poor guy... LOL

DS, awwwwwwwwww! It was an amazing season. The Cards and their fans have shown great spirit. Start getting ready for next year:)


coopernicus said...

Can't say I watched more than about two minutes of it all. And maybe I'm just getting old and crotchety..but I am sick to death of Bruce Springsteen. Sorry..I'm old school...don't think he's put a decent record out since Born To Run (with the exceptional song here and there along the way)..and me from NJ and all...they'll probably run me out of the state for speaking Brucephlemy...

JohnH985 said...

Both teams did themselves proud. I'm really not that much of a football fan but I like to see two teams play to their best like these two did.

And yes Bruce did indeed rock.

Kate said...

I am not a football fan - AT ALL.

Please don't delete me for that.

Glad your fav won.
A lot of my friends were rooting for them too.

Dana said...

The Steelers won? Hehe!

I loved the second video of the horses in love!

Blarney said...

Not much of a football watcher but we did watch the last quarter and as soon as I seen "Footbal Barbie" I was rootin for the Steelers. I just can't support Barbie ... I never liked her as a child ...

Gail said...

Anndi! OMG, I haven't read blogs in forever...I don't know what possessed me to do so this morning. Imagine my shock to know that I was a part of a post...I don't think I can remember EVER being a part of someone's blog post before (where my name was mentioned more than once) ...

Yes, they played a good game, both teams. And I'll admit, the more experienced team won. I still give props to Kurt (HOTTIE, imo) for working hard and taking the most unlikely of teams to where they were. THAT can't be denied.

As for next year, I will still root for my beleaguered team, Da Bears...as I always have.

Thanks for remembering me...


coco said...

Question: how can anyone be the "WORLD" Champions of a sport that's only played competitively in one country? Just wondering ... :P