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"A good listener tries to understand what the other person is saying. In the end he may disagree sharply, but because he disagrees, he wants to know exactly what it is he is disagreeing with."
- Kenneth A. Wells

"I do not want the peace that passeth understanding. I want the understanding which bringeth peace."
- Helen Keller

Friday, March 20, 2009


Yesterday, I spent quite a few hours donating my time at Chicklet's school. It was Spring Carnival. 

Since the beginning of the school year, each class was assigned a country (a "we are the world" kind of thing). And this "people of the world" theme continued during Carnival. Country-themed activities were set up outside and classes went from one activity to the other with their "passports" (which we G.O's stamped with bingo stampers). Of course, they couldn't visit all the countries in one afternoon, so their teachers had each class' itinerary. The nice thing was: no customs, no security checkpoints, just open borders.

Just before it all began and after the "sugar house" (cabane à sucre in Quebec) themed lunch (during which I cleaned more lunch trays than I care to count) the volunteers gathered in the library with the principal (why is it I still stand up straight in the presence of a principal?) and received assignments. We had kangaroo (potato sack) races for Australia, recycling boxes on wheels/gondolas for Italy, nectar of the Gods (i.e. hot chocolate) for Mexico, etc...

Somehow, I ended up with Greece. My Papou was probably responsible for that somehow. *grin*

So, my assignment? Teach 5 classes how to dance the "sirtaki" (think Zorba the Greek). 

Ha! Not bad for a red-headed skinny lady!

I hadn't danced this since my own cousin's Big Fat Greek wedding, but you never forget. (I'm still stuffed from that day LOL). NOBODY puts on a wedding celebration like Greeks. If you haven't experienced it, I strongly recommend it. The ceremony is beautiful and the celebration afterwards is beyond compare. They have a way of making everyone feel welcome (and a little Ouzo doesn't hurt, either!) 

My thighs still hurt. But then, so do my cheeks from smiling.

We had fun.. and of all the kids I got? The first-graders ROCKED it!


Travis said...

Love Andre Rieu! I think I said this before when I posted his Blue Danube...it looks like he has as much fun watching the crowds react to his music as he does playing it.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OH! You did it!

Akelamalu said...

Oh how wonderful! I love the sirtaki! :)

Brian o vretanos said...


We missed the chance to go to a Cypriot wedding around 25 years ago due to severe flooding. Maybe one day. No, a little ouzo never hurts ;-)

Desert Songbird said...

Little kids are the best at picking up things like that. They're so opening to learning and trying.

Sounds like you had THE BEST day volunteering at school.

Anndi said...

Travis, People respond to that. Plus, really, who doesn't love Zorba The Greek!

Gary, I did!

Akelamalu, it's great fun!

Brian, I hope you get the opportunity! I may go purchase a bottle of Ouzo later today. I think I might enjoy breaking a few pates as well LOL

Songbird, it was so cute to hear them yell OPA!

I always enjoy spending time at school. Volunteered for two more days next week :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Good exercise I take it! Sounds wonderful. I commend you for the volunteering.

Rainbow said...

What a wonderful Mom you are! Good for you...isn't just so much fun to become a "child" again? Hugs to you, my Sister!

Cooper said...

Can't see the pics at work (creeps) but will check them out later..sounds like a real party...

Dana said...

Hehe! You are one amazing woman, you do know that, right?