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"A good listener tries to understand what the other person is saying. In the end he may disagree sharply, but because he disagrees, he wants to know exactly what it is he is disagreeing with."
- Kenneth A. Wells

"I do not want the peace that passeth understanding. I want the understanding which bringeth peace."
- Helen Keller

Thursday, August 7, 2008

til they come home

My thoughts and prayers are with the injured and missing heroes and their families. These brave souls serve with honour and dedication, they endure conditions beyond imagination and do so willingly as it is their calling.
My special thanks and appreciation go out to a fellow blogger and great guy, Gene. It's not easy for any of us in the Emergency Response community when one of our own is taken from us, much less a devastating loss such as this one.
Hugs to you Gene. I'm thinking of you and your crew especially. May God wrap you in his grace and keep you safe.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
~Holy Bible, John 15:13

"Firemen never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the people whose lives they saved."
~Susan Diane Murphree


Turnbaby said...

That's terrible! My heart goes out to their families.

Knight said...

Wow. That is a beautiful tribute.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm in awe of the service of such folks. It's not something I could do, but what brave tough souls they are.

Lu' said...

My nephew is a fire fighter and helicopters are involved. When I heard the news blurb last night on the tv about the crash, I froze. The Bandidt wasn't involved thank God. I don't know how my Brother would ever deal with something like that; nope stop, not even gonna go there.

Bond said...

Nicely done Ann....

And to the families of those lost or injured while doing their job, my heart cries for you.

Anndi said...

Turnbaby - My heart sank when I heard of this last night. I don't ever want to know what the families are going through.

Knight - Thank you for visiting. They deserve many tributes... and never get enough thanks.

Charles - It takes extra special people - you have your own way of making a difference.

Lu - I always think of the people I love and of my crew when something like this happens. I hope your family never knows that pain as well sweetie.

Bond - Thanks... I am so very sad for their families and friends.

Travis said...

Firefighters have always been my heroes. When human instinct screams flight, they turn toward the danger and fight.

San said...

A powerful, deeply felt post. Thank you for enriching my day with this acknowledgment of the heroes in our midst.

Blessings to you...

Lesley said...

Amen to all that you have said...

Dianne said...

A beautiful post anndi.

I know that it is apparent just from what they do how special these folks are but when you get to know them they become more than heroes, they become real.

My son worked at the WTC site from 9/12 until they closed it. He was a utilities support person - setting up communication lines and so on ...

Every night he came home with a new story of how the firefighters were looking for their brothers and sisters. How calm and brave and resolved they always are.

Those of us who met just one of them will never forget any of them.