Walking away is not an option... dialogue must prevail.

"A good listener tries to understand what the other person is saying. In the end he may disagree sharply, but because he disagrees, he wants to know exactly what it is he is disagreeing with."
- Kenneth A. Wells

"I do not want the peace that passeth understanding. I want the understanding which bringeth peace."
- Helen Keller

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We miss out when we choose not to take a second look.

I wanted to share this song with you. It’s absolutely beautiful and makes me smile. The melody captured my heart the very first time I heard it what seems like so long ago now, and it brought me back to a time where men and women touched when they danced, and would gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. I close my eyes and see a couple gliding, graceful, in harmony, in love. It prompted me to find out what the words as sung so beautifully by the late Ibrahim Ferrer, meant.

I’m glad I did.

So many people don’t care to make the effort of getting to the meaning, never understanding fully what is conveyed by words and things that are foreign to us. But when we do, we may discover the emotions underlying the words are universal. They’re often foreign in a very superficial way.

How it was.
I can’t tell you how it was.
Nor can I explain what happened,
but I fell in love with you.

A light that lit up my whole being.
Your laugh, like a spring,
filled my life with unease.

Was it your eyes, or your mouth?
Your lips or your voice?
Maybe it was the impatience
of waiting so long for you.
More, I can’t say, I can’t say how it was
nor can I explain what happened
but I fell in love with you.

It’s so easy to keep from peeling the layers. I mean, it can be tedious work to try and get to the core of something or someone. Sometimes it makes us uncomfortable. There can be unpleasant layers, ones that are not compatible with whom we believe we are or the even way we normally view and categorize the world. Sadly, very few people are actually willing to look deeper. And they miss out. But that is their choice to make. That makes me sad, but I know enough that although I can voice that sadness, it may mean nothing to those I cry for.

It’s fascinating really how random words you come across will often resonate so deeply when they can be linked to a situation you are thrust into.

“We don't always get to choose what we love.”
-Scott Westerfeld, The Last Days, 2006

And something for me to look forward to as I grow older... Maybe I’ll even be able to live it now rather than later.

« I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming that comes when you finish the life of the emotions and of personal relations; and suddenly find - at the age of fifty, say - that a whole new life has opened before you, filled with things you can think about, study, or read about...It is as if a fresh sap of ideas and thoughts was rising in you. »
Agatha Christie (1890 - 1976), An Autobiography, 1977


Dana said...

Words are amazingly powerful and should be used with care!

Charles Gramlich said...

Freud made a very similar comment to that one by Christie. And I agree with it. I'm glad I'm no longer a teenager and ruled by such strong emotions. Lovely sentiments expressed in that song.

Slyde said...

that is a GREAT quote...

thanks for reminding me again why i loved agatha christie so damn much...

Dianne said...

what a beautiful thoughtful post

I read it several times - it made me feel good.

and your Carlin tribute was perfect. George would have been thrilled, sorry I missed it yesterday.

the new blog is beautiful - the background is so peaceful.

Bond said...

Music will not play for me here at work, will come back and listen later...

It is wonderful to peel the layers and discover new things every day...

I am so enjoying it and know you are chomping to be closer to make it easier to do so...

barbara said...

Salut Anndi,
What a gorgeous music. It is the type of music that my parent's generation would have danced with.
Their's was another time, when couples danced together in beauty.

People often say that life begins at 50 ( I'm not there yet).Peeling off & sometimes casting off the layers as one goes through life.
A part of maturity.

Gros bisous chère amie.

Akelamalu said...

That is a beautiful song and this is a beautiful post. x

Anndi said...

Dana: I expect the three words that require the most care and consideration are "I love you". It seems to get thrown around far too often.

Charles: Freud has his moments I suppose. But it truly is a wonderful quote.
Feel free to dance with your bride to the music.

Slyde: I like to pull up random quotes and see what they inspire. Glad you liked it so much.

Dianne: I'm glad I could make you feel good.
George gave us so much... he'll be missed for a very long time.
Thank you for the compliments. I've come to a place in my life where nothing matters more than being at peace and at home.

Bond: Interesting what interpretations a post stirs up. Being open should apply to everything and everyone. I know I've gotten to the heart of something precious... Glad you are enjoying your journey.
HUGS to you as well.

Barbara: Sometimes the old fashioned fits better then the new.
Bisous ma chère, j'ai bien hâte de te rencontrer.

Akelamalu: Thank you my dear friend. Hugs

Turnbaby said...

I'll listen to the music in a bit. I think that part of growing up in the good way is paying attention to the 'why' instead of just the 'what'.

Lovely words.

CrystalChick said...

Beautiful music! Reminds me of something my parents would have loved, I can see my Dad tapping his foot and humming along. Even my husband turned around when he heard it playing and asked what it was. Of course after I had Lenny Kravitz blasting from my blog post earlier, he's glad to hear anything else. LOL
Ahhh.... Agatha Christie, we still watch the old movies.

Lu' said...

My Mom could cut a person to pieces with her words. As Dana said they are indeed powerful. Music should be able to move mountains. Hey Anndi, I dig you :)